The Barnhard home in Grand Rapids Michigan. Top left- Edna White. Top Right- Louise Barnhard Crosby. Bottom Left- Maude Withey Harris Robinson. Bottom right- Marguerite Conant Withey
Lewis Hinsdill Withey Home on 64 College Ave S.E. Grand Rapids Michigan. 1890. Wow, this photo is 125 years old!

Harry A. Conant's home. Second house down. Washington Street, Monroe Michigan. This is an original post card and the postage is 1 cent.  
Post card of Harry Armitage Conant's home on washington and 4th St. in Monroe, Mich. In 1975 it was turned into the Elks Club. Marguerite Stewart Conant was born, raised and married here to Charles Shepard Withey.
Great Grandparent's home- 1927: 457 Paris Ave S.E. Mr and Mrs. Charles Shepard Withey. The car in front was my grandparent's-Lewis and Elizabeth Withey 
This home was built for Maude Withey by her father Lewis Hinsdill Withey. Maude's husband Samuel Harris passed away at a young age. After that happened Maude never lived in the home again. My grandfather ended up with the home at the time when my Father, Uncle and Aunt were in high school. Lewis Hinsdill Withey was my Grandfathers uncle. My Grandfather was Lewis Hinsdill Withey II.
Maude Harris Robinson Withey [1873-1955] Daughter of Lewis Hinsdill Withey 
Great grandmother Marguerite Stewart Conant standing by the tree and her brother Horace Conant on the Horse. This is the Conant home on Washington St. in Monroe Michigan where Marguerite was born and raised. Horace, the only son of Harry Armitage Conant and Mary Morris Thurber died of Malaria at the age of nineteen while attending Princeton College. The funeral took place at the Conant home. Marguerite was born June-15-1874 and died Feb-1953. This photo is about 140 yeas old!
Title: 2. Historic American Buildings Survey Victor Stankiewitz, Photographer June 1, 1936 DETAIL OF SOUTH FRONT AND WEST SIDE - Damon Hatch House, 445 Cherry Street Southeast, Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI 
Medium: 5 x 7 in. 
Reproduction Number: HABS MICH,41-GRARA,5--2 
Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on images made by the U.S. Government; images copied from other sources may be restricted. (
Call Number: HABS MICH,41-GRARA,5--2 
Repository: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA 
oMichigan -- Kent County -- Grand Rapids 
oHistoric American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey 
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The Home of Charles B. Judd and Georgianna R. White. My mothers great grandparents. 455 Cherry Street Grand Rapids Kent Michigan. The Architectural design of this home was way before its time considering it was built in 1845 for Damon Hatch!!!! Today this home looks the same although it's an office building. My Mom spent lots of time in this home when she was growing up and she remembers it very well. The home next door is the Fox Residence. See photo and description below.
Inside the office study at 445 Cherry Street. On the mantel is the painting that hangs on my bedroom wall as I type. 2015
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Designed by local architect William G. Robinson, this castle-like edifice was constructed in 1884-86 for Colonel E. Crofton Fox and his brother Charles. Built of granite block imported from Scotland. OK, Charles Fox married Corinne, daughter of Chester Hinsdill. Chester was the brother of Marion Hinsdill who was my Great, Great Grandmother . Also, The home on the left with the red roof is the Damon Hatch House, 455 Cheery Street. See the above picture and caption.
​The link abve states the Charles Fox was the founder of the Michigan Trust Company, established in 1889. That is wrong. L.H. Withey was the founder in 1889 and president for 35 years. I do know that they were both in the lumber business.
Our home in East Grand Rapids Michigan. On the third floor was a gymnasium and this is where my brothers had their band equipment. Rock and Roll. There's more in the back not visible in the picture. I remember there were several different rooms in the basement and a big apartment above the garage. The attic was huge. My memories are through a kids eyes so in real life the home was probably tiny. Actually the home is still there.