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Grandfather Lewis Hinsdill Withey II West of the Pecos
November 1913- The Duplicate of this picture has taken 101 years to make due to the card being folded. Looking at the photo, not the magical copy. Brothers, Thurber Conant Withey on the left and Lewis Hinsdill Withey II on the right. 
Grandpa Lew. "I turned out to let the bridge pass by"

2nd Great Grandmother Mary Morris Thurber
Great Uncle Lewis H. Withey
Great Aunt, Margaret Boyd McQuwan
Great Grandfather Charles S. Withey
Maude Harris Robinson- Daughter of LH Withey and Margaret Boyd
Lee M Withey Ancestors
Family history, research and documentation
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Withey Estate Gardens, South Lawn
Photo date 1905- Grandfather Lewis Withey is sitting on his mother Marguerite’s lap and his brother Thurber is standing by. Thurber died at 18 while attending Princeton University. Marguerite’s mother was Mary Morris Thurber and her Father was Harry Armitage Conant. Marguerite was the wife of Charles Shepard Withey. Old pictures are awesome!!!!!!
Grandfather L.H. Withey and his hunting partner, in the car, display their waterfowl after the hunt.
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